About Us

Anellabees Honey Candies began as a mother-daughter passion project in 2017, when Danielle and her daughter, Anella, began testing hard candy recipes in their kitchen using an old confectionary press from the 1880s and honey from their family's farm in the foothills of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. The goal was simple: create a honey-based candy that everyone in the family would love, free of the unnecessary ingredients found in most confections.

Our Process

It didn't take long for the endeavor to involve the entire family (and a few friends!). Truly a labor of love, their process begins by gently heating honey and organic sugar and slowly adding just a few, select ingredients to make our hard candies, caramels, taffy, and other confections. Our favorite part of the process, of course, is taste-testing!

Quality candy shouldn't be complicated, which is why Anellabees Honey Candies are made without any preservatives or artificial flavors. Our honey is sourced from beekeepers in the United States, and any extra ingredients, such as spices, butter, and dairy, are organic and rbGH free. Anellabees Honey Candies are gluten, soy, and corn-syrup free and sweetened the way mother nature intended.

Meet Anella, who shares a family name with her adventure-loving grandpapa, Aniello. Ever the explorer, Anella is a naturalist at heart and a mini beekeeper extraordinaire! She's been helping her parents look after their hives since the age of two and loves looking for new ways to care for her bees and share her fondness for honey and homemade candy with her family and friends. After all, Anella knows that there's nothing better than a treat made by bees, enjoyed with the ones you love.

Our History

Life has a way of coming full circle—Anella’s great-great-grandfather Nicandro worked as a confectioner in Belgium and Italy and carried his passion for candy-making to America, wherein 1909 he opened a small general store just outside of Detroit, Michigan. Nicandro ran the store alongside his wife, Angela Maria, and neighbors knew their shop to be a sweet stop for delicious candy treats, ice cream, and a little bit of everything else. There’s no greater honor than connecting with such a unique bit of our family history and sharing our long-time love of hand-crafted candy with all of  you.